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Portraits of a Baby Boy and Bulldog Who Were Born on the Same Day

Chicago-based photographer Ivette Ivens has been shooting a heartwarming series of portraits of her son and dog and the special bond they share. The baby boy, Dilan, and the French bulldog puppy, Farley, were born on exactly the same day about 8 months ago.

Ever since Farley joined the family, he has been eating, napping, playing, and bathing together with Dilan.

“I’m pretty sure Dilan thinks they’re both the same species, as they are both going through the stage of chewing on everything,” the photographer tells The Daily Mail. She calls the relationship “pure, unconditional, irreplaceable and inseparable,” and that’s what she hopes to capture in her images.

“I just take these photographs during random parts of the day,” Ivens says. “There’s no need for another inspiration or idea when you see this out-of-control cuteness happening 24/7.”

Via PetaPixel, The Daily Mail

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