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Ib Kamara: The Cross-Cultural Stylist Reassessing Masculinity

Creating arresting visuals imbued with diverse references, London-based stylist Ibrahim “Ib” Kamara champions equality and freedom of expression through his work. The cultural osmosis present in Kamara’s output is shaped by his formative years; born in Sierra Leone, he grew up in Gambia before moving to London aged 16, where he later studied at Central Saint Martins. Whether he’s styling the youth of Nigeria for Kenzo or working on a short film with Sampha, Kamara’s narratives always uphold a strong sense of cultural and sexual empowerment. Using the moniker “The Sensitive Thug” for his popular Tumblr account, the young stylist determinedly explores and subverts stereotypes. He is currently a Fashion editor at i-D Magazine.

More: Instagram, Tumblr h/t: somethingcurated

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