This Guy Hilariously Captions The Weirdest Construction Fails He Finds – Design You Trust

This Guy Hilariously Captions The Weirdest Construction Fails He Finds

Trevor Lahey, AKA Greaseball1987, claims to be a Certified Caulk Installer who charges $17.40/hour with no negotiations and once you see his masterpieces, you’ll quickly see why he’s worth the price. Well, for the laughs at least.

On his Instagram account, Trevor shares his $17.40/hour-worth engineering solutions along with hilarious captions that will inspire any handyman to go out there and create. After all, who cares if the corners are kind of wonky or the pipes are a little bit leaky as long as you’re having fun along the way.

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It’s rare that I clean my brushes, but when I’m using the expensive kind, I always do! I’ve found over the years that nothing really restores them to their former glory much like urine and feces! The ammonia in the urine breaks down the stubborn crusted on paint, leaving the brush practically new. And the nutrients in the fecal matter leave a protective coating on the bristles for a long lasting brush! The best part is when you’re done they come out smelling so fresh and clean! #urine #feces #toilet #toilettraining #paint #painter #painting #cleanup #paintingtips #propainter #keepcraftalive #contractor #contractorsofinsta #carpenter #handyman #craftsmanship #craftsman #trades #tradesman #reno #renovation #instahome #caulksmith #caulker

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I already dominate the renovation and construction world, but every now and then I like to dabble in furniture and millwork just to see how far my skill set can go. Reclaimed furniture is all the rage right now, so I decided to give this 100 year old barn wood new life. Once again I did not disappoint! It is only a matter of time until I start running these furniture shops out of business! #bestinthebusiness #bestintheworld #newlife #customfurniture #furniture #furnituredesign #furnituremaker #furnituremaker #carpenter #handyman #carpentry #woodworking #woodworker #keepcraftalive #contractor #contractorsofinsta #trades #tradeshuman #craftsmanship #craftsman #millwork #custom #table #customtable #reclaimed #reclaimedwood #reclaimedtable #reclaimedfurniture #pallet #palletwood #palletproject

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