Sorry, Ladies, But Braiding Your Hair Is Now A Male Thing


In the world of men’s fashion, one thing in particular is becoming more and more popular at the moment: braided hair. Well-kept beards and tidy ’man buns’ are being replaced by ever more elaborate styles of braided hair which we usually only see being shown off by women. On Instagram, using the hashtag #ManBraid, like-minded enthusiasts upload new photos of their latest style almost every day.

h/t: brightside

Man braid. Poikalapsen äiti ei osaa letittää, argh! #manbraid #eiosaaletittää

A photo posted by Nanna (@ruusutapettia) on

Got a man braid today from one of the amazing dancers (Nadia) in our dressing room. #manbraid #manbraids

A photo posted by Willy Wagtail (@wagtailcircus) on

Manicorn in the making. Stay tuned. ?✊?

A photo posted by FashionRake (@fashionrake) on

"Saints" #btcbigshot_men16 Hair by @danielle.keasling photography by @krisztianlonyai #menshair #manbraid #manbun

A photo posted by Danielle Keasling (@danielle.keasling) on

Thu ngắn cán trán lại để tui bớt ghét những cái nón đi ? #manbraid

A photo posted by Đỗ Hoàng Quốc Khánh (@khasnhdoo) on

Because, YOLO. And thanks @ladywould #ftw #manbraid #manbun #summervibes #minneabrolis #yolo #manbraids #??

A photo posted by nickvisconti (@thenickvisconti) on

#throwback #lastsummer #summer #anothermanbraid #manbraid #france

A photo posted by @jxxstnxx on

#mermaidsquad #manbraid

A photo posted by Kristi Peticolas (@krizti_kat) on

Feeling BLUE ?☂? come visit the braid bar @insalonyaletown @vanbraidbar

A photo posted by ?Barbie? (@barbiealeks) on

Zig zag #manbraid #menshair #menstyle #mensfashion#menstyleblogger

A photo posted by Ferdinand Fadjar Aulia (@ferdiva) on

Happy client .. Client Selfie #ManBraid #AzBraider

A photo posted by Moray's BeautyNBraids (@beautyanbraids) on


A photo posted by Gustav Bengtsson (@gustav_jsbengtsson) on

?Something new for the Summer! ?? Thank you for your awesome work! @everyhair #manbraid #manbun #dallasbarber

A photo posted by Josh Hurt (@joshhurtmusic) on

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