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Artist Spends 35 Years Decorating Her House With Rocks And A Glue Gun

One of the first things most of us will do after buying a house is paint. We want to have our own colors on the walls to match our furniture and to make it feel more like our own and less like we’re living in somebody else’s old house. It’s only natural.

But once we’ve settled into a house, most of us will get into a rut. We find just the right spot for the couch and the TV, get the bed set up and the bookshelves filled, and that’s it. We don’t want to move any of that stuff again if we don’t absolutely have to. For Lauri Svedberg, however, her home was a constant work in progress. She didn’t get stuck in a rut. She made her home into a unique work of art.

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When Lauri Svedberg bought her northeast Minneapolis home in 1979, it was a smallish, unassuming one bedroom, one bathroom home. Built in 1912, from the outside her house has considerable curb appeal. It’s not a cookie-cutter suburban McMansion by any means. For many years, Lauri supplemented her teacher’s salary with artwork she did on the side.

It’s impossible to imagine how many hours Lauri spent with a hot glue gun in her hand over her 35 years as the owner of Wolf House. Not only is considerable work on display, but it has been through a few transformations over the years, including an “outer space” room and an “urban” room. But in time, Lauri’s love of nature took over.

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