Meet Reilly, The Pop Artist Taking Over Instagram With Epic Designer Parodies

@Hey_Reilly has been adding magic to mayhem since graduating from the Royal College of Art, creating images that display his distinctive flair for fusing fashion and fine art, all shared through one of instagram’s definitive must-see accounts.

His highly digital pop-graphic style brings finger-on-the pulse instincts and disruptive humour to projects for clients from Coca Cola to Lamborghini, Fendi to Gucci. From art directing to launching his namesake clothing label, his work riffs on the pop cultural zeitgeist and then turbo charges it with knock-out wit.

His work is super-shared by an adoring in-on-the-joke fashion crowd, his style widely copied but never as fresh, because his uncanny flair is combined with a light touch and a positive attitude.

In 2017 his #FakeNews series of images spinning CELINE DIOR & CELINE DION into one image moment of pure in-the know joy became one of the year’s biggest memes, gathering such a storm it made headlines outside the fashion bubble.

His 2018 work “brandalising” the internet’s biggest brands and logos jumped the rails into the real world with a headline grabbing collab landing his FENDI/FILA logo mashup right onto the clothes and models on the SS 2018 catwalk for both FENDI mens, and through Karl Lagerfeld onto FENDI womenswear too.

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