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This Artist Drew These 30 Animals So “Badly”, It Might Be A New Style

Art comes in all forms and shapes and always makes people wonder about things and find the most accurate interpretations. But what is considered a good piece of art? To each individual, it might be a different thing: the memories or feelings the painting is calling out, techniques that are used to create the piece, the artist and their personality, their talent, and work. There is no one way to become a successful artist, and Hercule Van Wolfwinkle is one of the people who can confirm that.

More: Hercule Van Wolfwinkle, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Phil Heckels, better known as Hercule Van Wolfwinkle, started his artist career about a year ago when he was doodling with his kid. Little did he know that his little painting will change a lot of things for good.

The artist caught everyone’s attention when he started drawing pet portraits. In his last interview with Bored Panda, the artist shared that everything started with “thank you” cards that he was making that he decided to share on Facebook. Soon, people started asking him to draw their pet portraits. One of the most fascinating things about this is that instead of paying for these portraits, people get to donate the money to a homeless charity Turning Tides.

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