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Cinta Vidal Agulló’s Incredible Paintings Defy Gravity

Barcelona-based artist Cinta Vidal Agulló is known for her dimension-bending paintings, where buildings and interiors defy gravity, creating disorienting spaces in which up is down and down is up. Using acrylic on wood panels, her artwork explores the complicated ways in which we navigate through our environments.

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“With these un-gravity constructions, I want to show that we live in one world, but we live in it in very different ways,” she explained in an interview with Hi-Fructose Magazine. “Playing with everyday objects and spaces, placed in impossible ways to express that many times, the inner dimension of each one of us does not match the mental structures of those around us. The architectural spaces and day-to-day objects are part of a metaphor of how difficult it is to fit everything that shapes our daily space: our relationships, work, ambitions, and dreams.”

According to Vidal Agulló, her chosen style is realistic (as opposed to abstract) so as to help the viewer recognize the quotidian space that we all inhabit, assisting him to understand the ordered maze that is this proposal. “I want the viewers to recognize what they are seeing, but to see it in a very different, unstructured, broken way,” she adds.

And like most creatives, Vidal Agulló’s artistic calling was clear from the get-go. “I’ve been drawing all my life,” she says. “Since I was a little kid I’ve been drawing both real-life models, objects, buildings when going on holidays and copying all the illustrations that I would like. My need to draw was one of my key traits.”

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