Meet “The Conker” – Automotive Ultimate Living Pod

Ex-Rolls Royce engineer Jag Virdie is out to offer an affordable solution to pricey housing – and in style. Conker Living is his entrepreneurial startup that’s garnering attention for its versatile £21,000 (US$27,000) 10-square-meter home pods, each spanning roughly 13 feet (3.9 meters) in diameter.

The tiny homes can be joined together to form larger spaces and offer greater flexibility when it comes to customized designs. Each ‘Conker’ has a foundation comprising four anchor points, which makes it more adaptable for varied terrains including uneven ground. The pods have been designed for durability and eco-friendliness. They are made of aluminum and upcycled plastic, using materials sourced locally within the UK.

Virdie has capitalized on the pod’s spherical structure to harvest rainwater that flows down the sides of the home. This can be filtered and reused either for showering or cleaning. Its heat reclamation system confines warmth within the pod during winter, thus lowering electricity consumption. For now, Conker Living is working on fulfilling its first two orders that will reside along a river.

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