Meet Escape Traveler – A Tiny Cabin On Wheels That Can Be Moved Anywhere


Wish you could set off on your epic trip across America without giving up on the daily comforts? You’ll love the Escape Traveler, a fully outfitted home-on-the-go that can be moved just about anywhere like an RV. Despite its compact and portable size, the energy-efficient tiny home feels spacious, comes with a whole range of full-sized appliances, and can even sleep up to six.

h/t: inhabitat, gizmag


The Escape Traveler comes in two sizes: the standard, which sits on a 28 ft (8.5 m) trailer, and the XL, which rests on an even larger 34 ft (10.3 m) trailer. The models measure 269 sq ft (24 sq m) and 344 sq ft (32 sq m) respectively.


The clever layout comprises a dining area and a kitchen with full-size appliances in the center, with a lounge located to one side and a bathroom to the other. The lounge includes a sofa bed, television, and electric fireplace, and the bathroom boasts both a shower and bath. There’s also a decent amount of storage space inside for a tiny house.


The living room’s couch can flip down to form a large daybed in less than a minute to accommodate extra guests. The main bedroom with a queen-sized bed is located on the upper sleeping loft, while a second loft located on the opposite end of the home serves as attic space or as another sleeping area.


The home gets it power and water via standard hookup. Lighting comes in the form of low-energy LED lights, while low-energy windows are installed throughout, and closed cell foam is used for insulation.


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