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2014 National Geographic Photo Contest, Week 6

“Jump!” A teenager jumping into the red sea from a pier in Aqaba. Photo location: Jordan. (Photo and caption by Ulrich Lambert/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Baba”. Kumbh Mela Festival, 2013. Kumbh Mela is a sacred Pilgrimage that occurs only once every twelve years at this location in Allahbad, on the banks of the Holy Ganges River. It is the largest gathering of holy men, “babas”, in the world, and it’s estimated that there were over 100 million pilgrims in attendance this year, many of them completely naked, having given up all material possessions. Photo location: Allahbad, India. (Photo and caption by Tara Ganace/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Between Here and There”. This is a part of portrait series of our daughter taken when she was 13 month old. She used to play with curtains all day long. Watching her play, I felt she’s playing in the world between here and “there”. Photo location: Klosterneuburg, Austria. (Photo and caption by Yu Sakamoto/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Grasp of air”. During summer time, when the ice already melted, Wakhi people migrate to highland pasturage in the Big Pamir above 4000 meters above the sea level looking for the meadows. They stay in the seasonal sheds where the daily life is organized. The picture depicts the man during meal preparation. When the shed became absorbed with smoke the only relief he could find was the small hole in the shed roof – the source of fair light and oxygen. Photo location: Big Pamir, Wakhan Valley, Afghanistan. (Photo and caption by Guillaume Petermann/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Quinoa Farmer”. Quinoa farming in Bolivia is becoming more complicated as the global demand increases. Food First visits farmers along the banks of the Salar de Uyuni. Photo location: Bolivia. (Photo and caption by Shannon DeCelle/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Shy and curious little girl”. On the 2nd day of our trek, we stayed at our guide’s “jayloo”, his sheepfold. His aunt was making diner and one of his nieces showed a little bit of hesitant curiosity towards us… Photo location: Near Sari-Mogol, Pamir, Kyrgyzstan. (Photo and caption by Romain Moracchini-Villard/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Tango in the dark”. Tango. Bar Sur. Photo location: Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Photo and caption by Yen Chao/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Juliette and her family”. Juliette suffered from post-natal depression after all three of her pregnancies. She now promotes awareness of the condition. She lives with her young family in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Photo location: Birmingham. (Photo and caption by Charlie Clift/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Freedom”. After the 30 years banning import large motorcycle, in 2007, the Taiwan government reopened the import licensing of the motorcycle displacement over 550 cubic centimeter. Those large bikes, which were never seen before, were strange thought and treated unequally frequently. However, those adversity will not stop those enthusiastic bike riders from chasing the road of freedom. Photo location: Taiwan. (Photo and caption by 火花 羅/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Speed body painting”. Trying to get a spectacular shot I asked my God son and his best friend to pose for a speed body painting session, the boys knew that paint would be thrown over them but its still a shock. They were brave and helped me to achieve this colourful photograph. My neighbours threw the paint and the boys parents gave me written permission to upload this photo to all National Geographic categories. External flash mounted on camera body and tripod used. Photo location: London, UK. (Photo and caption by Russell Moore/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Juxtapose”. A view of the meeting place reveals the proximity of two very different worlds. One of affluence and comfort where this people group labors to build the homes towering over the muddy village they return to at the end of every day. Photo location: Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Photo and caption by Natalie Roush/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Winters Picture Book”. Before dawn of 25 degrees below zero, time zone surrounding dyed blue. Landscape, such as the picture book had spread. In addition, in a snowy field, in just a short while ago, the rabbit seems to have walked. Photo location: Hokkaido, Japan. (Photo and caption by Mitsuhiko Kamada/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“On a bridge above the bridge”. As human we take our adventures everywhere, from the submit of Mt. Everest, to below the freezing Antarctic ocean. We are inspired by uniqueness and like fresh perspectives, so in this case we are no longer excited about walking on a bridge – we want to walk on the very top of a bridge, above our bridge. This photo was shot from a very common location though – the Opera House, but I definitely wanted to be the one walking up the top! Photo location: Darling harbour, Sydney, Australia. (Photo and caption by Felix Wu/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Porto”. The colorful buildings of Porto drew my eye and the man in the open window provided an added focal point. Photo location: Porto, Portugal. (Photo and caption by Keith Urry/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“The Golden Dawn”. I really love admiring from high places. I went up to the hill side of Mt. Kushigata, which locates in the north-west part of the prefecture. It was beautiful, starry night. At the beginning of dawn, the lower part of the sky and a sea of clouds became gold. The view was really amazing. Photo location: Hillside of Mt. Kushigata, Fujigawa, Yamanashi Pref., Japan. (Photo and caption by Yuga Kurita/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Silence”. Bridge going decayed is shrouded in fog, a fantastic atmosphere had increased. Photo location: Kamishihoro, Hokkaido, Japan. (Photo and caption by Hiroshi Tanita/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“The Winner”. I was exploring a new location, Madha a small Omani Village situated within UAE, even though its situated within UAE this place looks entirely different from UAE, the architecture is different the people looks different…When i had seen a herd of Sheeps, i jumped out of the car and ran towards these sheeps..all of them started running away except one sheep…who had posed for me patiently. Photo location: Madha, Oman. (Photo and caption by Lal Nallath/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Big Break”. Eid Al-Adha is the one big holiday for most of the expats and locals living and working in the Muslim country. Workers have several days without work. Time to catch up with friends, spend time with the family or treat ourselves for a break. Photo location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo and caption by Benjie Mar Jacobo/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Misty Morning”. This photo was taken off the coast of St. Georges, Grenada as we made our way to the protected wetlands via boat. A storm had just rolled through and the mist still lay heavy and low over the water. Photo location: St. Georges, Grenada. (Photo and caption by Jen Rusby/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Journey to the Buddha”. Taking the cable car to see the Big Buddha on cloudy day. Photo location: Ngong Ping, Hong Kong. (Photo and caption by Cynthia Yeung/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Focus”. l had a chance to photograph a puma at very close distance in Bozeman. When a puma focus a target, its very impressive to watch its concentration, eyes, speed, opening his paws and nails. Photo location: Montana, USA. (Photo and caption by Serhat Demiroglu/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Co-existence”. The picture present a good example in which it is showing the co-existence, the unavoidable harmony between man and nature… The Starlings in migration period come in big crowds, in hordes in this region. They like this area because here is Austria’s greatest wine-growing region. Also here in eastern Burgenland is Austria’s biggest wind-energy park – exactly near vineyards where come the Starlings in big colonies. In addition, because the region is a biggest power generation area, here is a loads of different high-voltage wires, which like and prefer the Starlings for resting… Photo location: Burgenland, Austria. (Photo and caption by Istvan Kerekes/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“First Steps”. A newborn polar bear cub explores its magical new world, while keeping close to Mom. Photo location: Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada. (Photo and caption by Jonathan Huyer/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Heaven on Earth”. Taken from Mount Bromo over view Semeru Mount. It was so cloudy at that morning so I climbed higher and higher trying to be above the cloud crossing my finger. Boom this is what I get to get the sunrise. Photo location: Bromo, East Java, Indonesia. (Photo and caption by Hartono Hosea/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“The beauty among the beast”. An early morning ride through Yellowstone National Park in the winter is always a treat. On this very chilly morning, hardly a sound was heard as this herd of bison reminded us that we are the visitors in their land. Photo location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States. (Photo and caption by Karoline Sleichter/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“A drop of air”. After more than two hours waiting for the best picture and after I shoot many photographs were present this time when the dolphin was placed in front of the glass and I was let go this air bubble. Photo location: Madrid, Spain. (Photo and caption by Javier Corbo Lopez/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Whooo you lookin’ at?” Mother and baby owl in the nest. Photo location: Southwest Idaho. (Photo and caption by Glen Hush/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“It’s lunchtime Fallow deer”. It was a beautiful summer’s day and I was with my 6 year old son, Freddie, who likes to say he is my photography assistant (and a very good one too!). We found a position just on the outskirts of the wood hoping that the deer would walk by finding a new grazing pasture. They did, and it happened that as they were moving in line, a single doe looked up. I took the shot and it made Freddie’s day. Photo location: Holkham Hall, Norfolk, England. (Photo and caption by Tim Moor/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Yummy”. Eating a crab on Sanibel Island. Photo location: Florida. (Photo and caption by Rick Loesche/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“Cotton candy waves (things unseen)”. On this particular morning I was drawn to the lines in the sand, made from sediment deposits from a little river flowing onto the beach. When the surf came in, the lines were erased, but would be drawn again – new shapes and forms created in the flow. Photo location: Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii. (Photo and caption by Lee Scott/National Geographic Photo Contest)

“King in a Tree”. This picture was taken in South Africa. We went on a safari and this lion got stuck in a tree while watching his family walk off in the distance. It was taken while the sun was setting under low light. Photo location: South Africa. (Photo and caption by Nathan Stone/National Geographic Photo Contest)

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