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Meet The Arist Filling Potholes With Mosaics Of NYC Vermin

If you recently saw a construction worker filling potholes around Manhattan and Brooklyn with mosaics and thought it was a bit off, you were right. This was Chicago-based artist Jim Bachor in disguise for his latest public art piece, “Vermin of New York.”

For the past five years, Jim has been filling potholes in Chicago with mosaics of everything from flowers to trash, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, he recently brought his work to NYC. The series includes a cockroach, a rat, a pigeon, and Donald Trump (yes, you can drive over his face).

“Potholes are universal truths — nobody loves them, everyone hates them,” artist Jim Bachor, 54, told The Post. “I think it’s fun to possibly brighten someone’s day in the most unexpected way,’’ he said. “You don’t expect to see art on the street, so I want the subject matter to be odd.”

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