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A Bullied Student With Vitiligo Is Celebrating Learning To Love Her Skin By Turning It Into Art

A bullied student with vitiligo is celebrating learning to love her skin by turning it into art making a world map, flowers and even a Van Gogh painting. Ashley Soto, 21, from Orlando in Florida, USA, has found turning her white patches of skin into art has empowered her and helped her to embrace her vitiligo.

She was diagnosed with the condition that affects one percent of the worlds population, at the age of 12 when a porcelain spot appeared on her neck. Within a year, it had spread to 75% of her body in spots and patches.

After being asked if she had showered in bleach the teen hid her skin beneath long jumpers and jeans to avoid further ridicule. But now, shes turning her body into art by tracing her vitiligo, making a world map and a beautiful arrangement of flowers to Vincent van Goghs The Starry Night painting.

The designs can take up to three hours to paint and outline the melanin-free areas of her body, helping her to appreciate the beauty in her vitiligo. Here are some of the art pieces Ashleys made to celebrate and embrace her vitiligo from a world map to simply tracing her vitiligo and also Van Goghs Starry Night.

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