Office Workers Sharing Photos Of Their Sad Desk Lunches

Did you know that 62% of American office workers usually eat their lunch in the same spot they work all day? Online community Sad Desk Lunch will make you feel one step closer to death just by looking at them.

More: Sad Desk Lunch h/t: sadanduseless

One of the engineers I work with saw it and said “I feel one step closer to death just looking at that.”

”Came across this at the office today… Dan from our teams magnificently sad lunch consisting of someone’s leftover hot dog bun and some chips/munchies topped with some hot sauce.”

Two packs of tic-tacs and yesterday’s rewarmed latte. ‘Nuff said.

I almost skipped lunch rather than eat this.

Hi guys, Sad Desk Lunch here. Look at my actual desk mates gross lunch. It’s week old cold salmon he ate straight out of the packet :(

It’s Friday. Give up. Use your hands.

Kale me, baby.

“Yes. It’s lunch Jell-O. The real stuff. Not the house brand.”

Turkey cold cut on week old stale bread

Today is “bring your own summer Memorial Day BBQ leftovers to work day.”

“My tofu fell off of my fork and splashed soup on my glasses.”

“A new fun game to play with your lunch! Dog food… or Indian?”


“Banana or potpie? I will just have both.”

Please don’t eat your dick for lunch.

“Office was out of plates.”

“Prepared a nice meal in the slow cooker before work today – for dinner. This is the price you pay.”

Soggy, cold blueberry Eggo waffles… out of the plastic sleeve.

Three days before Christmas, more than half the office is on vacation already, and the microwave in our kitchenette is broken. I get to enjoy cold, leftover cheese pizza at my desk for lunch today.

“I should’ve rearranged the letters to spell ‘meh’.”

Looks like your lunch has a face – and it’s frowning at you.

Cold spaghetti bolognese. Eaten with a spoon. #sigh

“Not pictured: hope.” Well, hey there. It’s Friday. Chin up.

A sad desk lunch classic.

“This is my back from vacation diet lunch. Good bye carbs.”

Suspicious if this is really in an office… because it looks so delicious.

I love your style.

I think… this is a turkey sandwich but instead of bread, it’s rice. Well, that’s at least what I think it is.

Look at that sandwich, taunting you with the upcurled slice of bread smirk.

Your diet after the State Fair.

Not pictured: Activia

So cool you found the food caterer for airplane food to give you a few samples for lunch!

“In fairness, this was actually pretty good.”

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