Fashion Stylist Portfolio Got Destroyed By Hurricane Irma, But Created Unique Noir Photos Instead

According to Vava Antar Pragya: “I used to be a fashion stylist in New York City and worked on lots of beautiful editorials many of which were already pretty avant-garde and some were a bit dark.

At some point in my life, everything stopped making sense, my whole life stopped making sense and I started looking for the meaning. At that time, I met my husband in a meditation center. We decided to move to Florida and start one of a kind edible meditation garden there as he is an advanced meditator and I’m a master gardener.

And that’s how my portfolio ended up in a storage shed. When Hurricane Irma hit, I was alone at home as my husband was traveling. It was very overwhelming for me. The only thing that saved us from flooding was the fact that our house is on stilts, however, storage was flooded big time.

I didn’t unpack the storage trunks for a while, there were lots of other things to worry about, fallen trees and dying flooded young plants, and I didn’t notice there was a crack in the case where my portfolio was stored. I also lost my entire collection of designer clothes from NY times but it was some kind of good riddance since I was too attached to it.

Since I didn’t need my portfolio on a daily basis, it sat there, wet, for a couple of months creating these amazing patterns.”

h/t: boredpanda

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