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“The Covid Drawings 2020”: British Artist Creates Daily Drawings of A Very Strange Year

South London based artist Jolie Goodman is publishing a book called “The Covid Drawings 2020” on 20 December. These are a selection of Jolie’s drawings from her series “1872 days of Tory Government”, which she posts on her Instagram account @jolie.goodman. Jolie has been making a daily digital drawing since 13th December 2019 when Boris Johnstone was elected Prime Minister.

Jolie said: “I thought I would make a daily drawing to observe and bear witness to what lay ahead and 2020 has proved to be the most challenging of years. I have been told that the drawings do make people laugh. Using humour has been an essential way for me to get through this year which has been so difficult and tragic.”

Jolie is a figurative artist who draws, paints, and works digitally. She makes portraits and pieces of art for commission. As well as leading creative projects and evaluations for organisations.

“The Covid Drawings 2020” are a record of a year of change, loss, uncertainty, and sorrow.

More: Jolie Goodman, Instagram

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