Stefan Koidl Continues To Create Spooky Illustrations, And You Shouldn’t Click If You’re Easily Frightened

Stefan Koidl (previously) is an Austrian freelance illustrator and a concept artist, who creates eerie illustrations in Photoshop. His works feature various creepy motives, ranging from urban legends to mythical creatures.

Stefan said he has been drawing since he was a little kid but started focusing on drawing professionally about 3 years ago. When asked what inspires him to create these eerie drawings, the artist said:

“Artists, films, games. I always wanted to make paintings like the “professionals” do. A huge inspiration is also the ability to paint stuff from your imagination, creating your “own worlds. I love Lord of the rings, Shutter Island, Stranger Things, and everything that has to do with fantasy or horror,” the artist told Demilked.

Stefan says some of the most influential artists for him are Feng Zhu, Sabbas Apterus, John Park, Darek Zabrocki, Greg Rutkowski and Simon Stålenhag. When asked how long it usually takes for him to finish his works, Stefan told us “It’s hard to tell when a drawing is finished, I mostly call it done after 6-10 hours.” Even though his works feature a few funny illustrations, like the one with the squirrel in The Shining bathroom scene, most of his works are focused around various creepy things.

“It’s just fun to draw, I like playing with the “fear”,” shared Stefan.

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