Christine Rai’s Comics Prove You Actually Can Make Art From Bad Tan Lines & Microaggressions – Design You Trust

Christine Rai’s Comics Prove You Actually Can Make Art From Bad Tan Lines & Microaggressions

Take a break from the darker, sarcastic side of Instagram humor and cuddle up with some of Rai’s colorfully cute musings. Rai will definitely teach you something new every day, and sometimes those lessons will be difficult. But her artwork is sure to leave you feeling more powerful and validated than drained and worrisome.

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“A lot of my comics are things that happened to me recently or just things that are just happening in general. I think in terms of the relatability of everything — people in general, we all have the same experiences,” she said.

“I think [at first] they’re really specific to me and not to anyone else, but then I get thousands of likes and hundreds of people tagging their friends because they also have the exact very specific experience. Anything that I put out there is just honest and people relate to it, because we all share the same emotions.”

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