This Ad Agency Uses Iconic Figures To Present Their Message In A Creative Way

Making a creative advertisement has never been an easy task, but nowadays when people are as ever resilient to the efforts of ad agencies, capturing the attention of the target audience has become a tad more challenging.

The agency Ruf Lanz decided to employ if not a revolutionary, at least an unusual approach when designing an ad campaign for their two clients – Welti-Furrer and ETH Foundation.

One of the services that Welti-Furrer provides is fine art shipping worldwide. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that the advertising campaign Ruf Lanz produced uses famous painters of yesteryears and subjects of the most iconic paintings as workers who handle fragile packages containing fine works of art. Who else will inspire such trust other than the artists themselves?

ETH Foundation is concerned with outstanding emerging talent, which is why they offer The Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) which encourages academically-successful young people from Switzerland and around the world to complete their Master’s degree at ETH Zurich. In order to raise awareness of this programme, Ruf Lanz designed a series of posters featuring Albert Einstein involved in various part-time jobs. The posters argue that ‘brilliant minds shouldn’t be distracted from their studies by part-time jobs’. It further adds that a donation would allow the most promising science students to unfold their potential, or even help uncover the next Einstein.

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“We transport fine art as carefully as if we had created it ourselves” – transport of valuable and fragile articles.

Vincent van Gogh

Salvador Dali

Andy Warhol

Frida Kahlo

Mona Lisa

“Finest Art Transports.”

Vincent van Gogh

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Albert Einstein

“Brilliant minds shouldn’t be distracted from their studies by part-time jobs.”

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