Woman Wears Bizarre Costumes While Walking Her Dog During The Quarantine And He Looks Embarrassed

Dancer Clare Meardon from West Cornwall in the UK has been dressing up in different jaw-dropping costumes to walk her dog Hendrix. She’s been doing this since the start of April after her friend dared her to mix it up and step outside in unusual clothes. Now, Clare’s making all of us smile with video clips filmed by her husband Aidan.

More: Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Some of the costumes that the 40-year-old dancer has tried out include dressing up as a ballerina, a masked superhero with a cape, and even a unicorn. Honestly, we can’t wait to see what she’ll come up with next! Clare told Bored Panda that she didn’t expect her costumes to be so popular. “It started off as just a way of making my friends laugh as some were having a tough time. It was all just a silly bit of fun!” Scroll down for the rest of our interview with the dancer.

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