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Photographer Uses Forced Perspective To Transform Ordinary Beaches Into A Land Of Giants

Fin art photographer, Moises Levy, turns ordinary beach scenes into fantastical imaginary landscapes inhabited by giants. Using forced perspective technique, he set up his camera at low vantage point—essentially placing us at the same level as the surface. The result pictures show backlit figures appear larger and confuse the viewer’s mind.

Levy’s choice of perspective abstracts his black-and-white compositions and infuses some unexpected whimsy and humor to the collection. There are many optical illusions created, just by virtue of people moving around. As someone jumps, for instance, they appear to be leaping over another person who is much smaller in comparison. Likewise, there’s the illusion that a tiny woman is walking under the snout of a massive horse, and a boy on a slackline is headed straight into a dog’s mouth. Have a look at some of his fabulous shots.

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