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Belgian Man Discovered Stash Of Cars Hidden In Abandoned Quarry Since World War II

For nearly 80 years these cars have been hidden underground in a quarry in France but they were uncovered by Belgian PE teacher Vincent Michel in 2016. The cars were hidden away during World War II and after the war ended they were never removed.

It is thought the rusting collection was hidden to avoid it being captured by German soldiers.

“We suppose the cars were brought into the quarry at the start of the war to stop them being seized,” Vincent said. “After the war, nobody took them out from there, forgotten forever. The owner of the quarry added a few more cars some years later. Almost all the cars were empty, with the shells the only things remaining.”

Amazing photographs show the rows of cars neatly parked in their underground hideaway. Vincent revealed that since his discovery some cars had been taken out by the quarry owner to sell at auction, but many that are too fragile to move still remain in the quarry.


Rusted motors were discovered by an astounded explorer who said it was like ‘traveling back in time’

Huge treasure trove of ancient cars have been hidden away since WWII

The motors were hidden in a rural French quarry to avoid being found by German troops during WWII

Rusted vehicles have been stowed away for nearly 80 years

Most of the cars have remained untouched since they were hidden

Quarry is jam-packed with rusting motors

Stunning photographs will excite any classic car fan

Many of the cars are now far too fragile to move

Cars from 1930s France made for an amazing discovery

Explorer Vincent Michel photographed the amazing collection of cars

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