These Photos Were Taken At Burning Man Festivals On Three Different Continents Show How Different They Are

Everyone knows the worldwide famous festival of art – Burning Man. But did you know that regional Burn festivals elsewhere in the world can offer you more than the biggest one in Nevada? They all observe the ten principles and the largest ones are supervised by the Burning Man Organisation itself.

“I’m a Czech photographer and I was the first one in the world to document the world’s three largest Burn festivals in Nevada (Burning Man), Israel (Midburn), and South Africa (AfrikaBurn). I’ve put these photographs into a photo publication called ‘The Burning Man Collection’,” Marek Musil told Bored Panda.

How different is the atmosphere in those three locations? Take a look at these breath-taking photos and let yourself be carried away by the modern hippie atmosphere.

More: Marek Musil, Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda

Burning Man, Nevada

AfrikaBurn, South Africa

Midburn, Israel

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