Russian Artist Pokras Lampas Takes Over Times Square New York

Pokras Lampas was born in Korolyov, Russia.

He is one of the most distinguished representatives of contemporary calligraphy in the world. He started creating graffiti in 2008 and shortly after was inspired by the ‘Calligraffiti’ movement. Later, Pokras Lampas was invited to become an official Calligraffiti ambassador whilst working on his self-developed ‘Calligrafuturism’ style and technique. He is particularly involved in street art projects, exhibitions and other related projects since 2013 and regularly works with major Russian and international brands. Recently, Pokras Lampas started to collaborate with high fashion brands and developed a menswear collection.

In recent years, Pokras Lampas has taken part in group exhibitions and art projects held in Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Korea and the UAE. In 2015, he created the world’s largest calligraffiti on the roof of a building in Moscow: the artwork can be seen from a satellite and on Google Earth.

More: Pokras Lampas, Instagram, Facebook

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