Can You Recognize These Logo Brands? Artist Pedro Almeida Has Got A Challenge For You


In his series “Power of Brands – Minimal Logos”, artist Pedro Almeida challenges you to look at the minimalist version of a brand logo and see if you can make out what brand it actually is. Do you think it is easy to do that when the brand logo has been stripped down to the bare minimum, block colours and basic shapes? Find out below!

Why would an artist do this? “I wanted to emphasise the value of creating a logo that would leave a memorable impression. Visual communication is the easiest and most important way to communicate, it should be easy, that is the graphic designer’s role”, said Almeida.

More: Pedro Almeida, Instagram, Facebook, Behance h/t: blazepress




Pizza Hut












Domino’s Pizza






Continental – tyres




Land Rover


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