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This Artist Uses Leftover Coffee To Create Beautiful Artworks

Painting with coffee and creating other food-based art is all the rage right now. Occasionally, though, someone comes along and ups the ante a bit, pushing the trend even further. One such artist is Ghidaq al-Nizar, who creates magical little scenes using the remnants of his morning brew.

Al-Nizar calls using his leftovers to make art “zero-waste coffee,” meaning he uses everything, including the grounds, in his creation process.

He also paints on unique surfaces besides paper, including dried leaves. The coffee tones on the leaves’ natural colors create a warm, earthy palette of soft browns. His paintings can be found on plates, as well.

So why paint with coffee and not, say, paint? For al-Nizar, it’s all about feeling, and, like may people, he has some strong feelings about coffee. “I love intimacy,” he says. “I feel it with coffee and it’s fun to have fun with something you love. So I can’t find any better medium to celebrate my feelings. Artists have to feel when they do something, and I think it applies for everyone…If you can’t feel it, you will leave it.”

You can see much more of al-Nizar’s work on his Facebook and Instagram, where he updates his portfolio with each cup of coffee — and sometimes branches out and makes art on latte foam. We suggest enjoying his art with a nice cup of your favorite brew.

Via Viralnova, BoredPanda, My Modern Met

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