This Exclusive Photo Book Portrays The Relative Beauty Of Belgian Roads

Sometimes you have to look at things differently to appreciate them.

Like the imperfection of our Belgian roads. For some a daily source of irritation, for others one of inspiration and raw beauty. It depends on what perspective you look at it from. Or which car should you drive.

There is beauty in these wells and cracks. That is why Mitsubishi Motors wanted to capture the Belgian roads on the sensitive plate. And through the lens of those who defy the loose cobblestones every day and survive torn avenues. In this book you will find a selection of 57 photos. 57 different views of 57 different streets, lanes and lanes. All with the same goal: to capture the Belgian roads in such a way that we can appreciate them once again.

Because sometimes you have to look at things differently to appreciate them.

The book was compiled for jury chairman Carl De Keyzer and curator Ingrid Deuss and brings together 57 photos by well-known Belgian top photographers such as Bieke Depoorter (Magnum), Jef Boes, Noortje Palmers, Jimmy Kets and Matthieu Litt and other photographers.

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