Prague’s Narrowest Street is So Narrow it Has Traffic Lights For Pedestrians

In the heart of Prague’s oldest neighborhood, the historic Mala Strana or “Little Quarter”, there is a street so narrow that it’s impossible for two people to get past each other no matter how hard they try.

h/t: amusingplanet

The street named Vinarna Certovka is actually a 50-centimeter wide passage (70 centimeter according to some sources) that runs for a length of about 10 meters between several houses close to the Charles Bridge. The street consists of several stone steps leading from the U Luzickeho seminare street to the Certovka restaurant at the edge of the Certovka canal.

For the convenience of pedestrians, but mostly for novelty, two traffic lights were installed on either end of the street to signal when the street is free or occupied. Most people who use the street are tourists. They push the walk button, take a few pictures and when they go, they don’t take the light seriously, so usually end up colliding with someone coming from the opposite end.

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