Beautiful Winning Photos From The LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards

Blow-up unicorns, a pig on a pulley and chickens on the lam populate the polychrome pictures in this year’s LensCulture street photography awards.

Beach Scene, Chaung Tha, Myanmar, by Maciej Dakowicz. First place, single image category. (Photo by Maciej Dakowicz/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

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Untitled, by Barry Talis. Second place, single image. (Photo by Barry Tali/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

Hanging Pig, by Jingsheng Nie. Third place, single image. (Photo by Jingsheng Nie/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

Floating Heroes, by Sowrav Das. First place, series. (Photo by Sowrav Das/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

Men of Shadow by İlker Karaman. Second place, series. (Photo by İlker Karaman/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

In a World of Unicorns, by Niki Gleoudi. Jurors’ pick. (Photo by Niki Gleoudi/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

Who’s Driving Tokyo? by Oleg Tolstoy. Finalist, series. (Photo by Oleg Tolstoy/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

The Skateboarder, by Arthur Lumen. Finalist, single image. (Photo by Arthur Lumen/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

Colors and Clay, by Aniket Mazumder. Finalist, single image. (Photo by Aniket Mazumder/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

The Representative Office, by Franky Verdickt. Jurors’ pick. (Photo by Franky Verdickt/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

Subida Al Cielo, by José Nieto. Finalist, single image. (Photo by José Nieto/LensCulture 2018 Street Photography Awards)

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