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The World’s Most Unusual Beach Is A Glacier In Russia’s Kingdom Of Permafrost

Tired of summer beach recreation? We have something special to impress you! As an alternative to an ordinary hot sand beach try to laze on the ice beach of Yakutia. It is a permafrost region, but in fact summer in Yakutia is as hot as it is in Yalta. But it has snow.

h/t: englishrussia, siberiantimes

Buluus is a glacier 100 km away from Yakutsk city, a nice place for refreshment. According to the Siberian Times, even at +35С the glacier practically does not melt. It is a popular place not only with locals, but for tourists as well. Snowballs in summer is a cool entertainment. The glacier is huge and there is enough space for many people who wanna have fun. The glacier covers over 1000 hectares, and thanks to dozens of metres of permafrost underneath it, the ice doesn’t melt – even during exceptionally hot summers.

‘Where else would you find a place with so many contrasts? The feeling of breathing cold air, touching chilling cold ice and drinking amazingly tasty cold water from the glacier on such a hot day is unforgettable’, said local resident Aitalina.

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