The Ice Hotel Opens Its Doors To Reveal This Year’s Breathtaking Hand-Carved Suites


The Ice Hotel is now back – and what better way to stand out than to place a giant elephant in the room. The first images of Ice Hotel 26 in Sweden have been released offering a sneak peek of the incredible suites that are now available for guests of the famous accommodation. Aside from the 9.8 foot African animal, creations this year include a 1970’s inspired Love Capsule, a room taking it’s design aesthetic from a Russian imperial theatre and there is even an icicle cave.

Wake up to a sight you’ll never forget: This suite, the Elephant in the Room by sculptor AnnaSofia Måå, has now been created in the hotel


Using an amount of snow that could construct 700 million snowballs, the Jukkasjärvi-based hotel is offering 19 individually themed rooms, along with an opulent church and a bar.


Creating the magical hotel anew every year is no easy feat, with some 5,000 tonnes of natural ice being harvested from Sweden’s national river Torne, with the stunning chandeliers alone being made from 1,000 hand cut ice Crystals.

The Love Capsule design by Luc Voisin and Mathieu Brison features a separate seating area made from ice


The team celebrate the opening of the Ice Hotel 26 in Sweden. Using an amount of snow that could construct 700 million snowballs, the Jukkasjärvi-based hotel is offering 19 individually themed rooms, along with an opulent church and a bar


‘Live your time’ by Jose Carlos Cabello Millán and Javier Alvaro Colomino Matassa draws on the concept of time. Cabello Millán has made several suites at Icehotel and the common thread is his flair for translating love and life into monumental abstract sculptures


The Ice Hotel also has a rustic Homestead restaurant, with Michelin trained head chef Alexander Meier at the helm. This year Swedish Lapland delicacies re-invented are on the menu, including reindeer served with chocolate sauce.


Around 26,550 drinks are usually served in the bar from December to April, along with 11,000 hot cups of complimentary sweet lingonberry juice. This year the Icehotel asked for talented sculptors and artists to have an input in the creative designs and received over 130 submissions to choose from.

h/t: dailymail. Photo credits: Asaf Kliger / Ice Hotel

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