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Chinese Artist Creates These Sensual and Aesthetic Illustrations

According to Jiayi Li, a Chinese illustrator based in Paris, France: “Hi, my name is Jiayi Li. I’m an Illustrator currently drawing in my free time. I was born and raised in China. I lived in different cities (Chongqing, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shanghai) and have now been living in Paris for 8 years.”

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“I don’t consider my work art since I have trouble defining this word. I just play with visual parameters to make the viewers feel a certain way much like a chef plays with ingredients to create tastes. For me, it’s just a way to kill time in a productive manner rather than infinite scrolling Taobao. It hasn’t really changed the way I view the world since I’ve always been observant but it sure reinforces this personality trait,” she told Ballpitmag.

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