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Artist Paintes Cute Illustrations To Show That Not All Monsters Are Scary

According to Zuzana Ziakova, an illustrator based in Slovakia: “I want to share my glowing monster series with you, bored pandas! They are cute, big, fluffy and they need friends. Don’t worry, they are really friendly!”

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“I get inspired by everything around me. I love stars, the moon, galaxies, and other astronomical stuff. I love to play with light, glowing elements in my art. I create a lot of magical creatures and monsters, but I try to make them cute, not scary.”

“My workflow isn’t very complicated, I write down any ideas I have for future drawings in my notes. Then, when I have time, I make a sketch and then move on to coloring. I have this little habit where, when I start an illustration, I have to finish it in one sitting. I don’t have a lot of pictures that I would draw for more than one day. It usually takes from 4 to maybe 12 hours to finish one of my pieces, depending on how complicated the picture is.”

“I don’t really find it difficult to have new ideas, but sometimes I feel a little burnt out. Especially nowadays, when social media changes and it’s more complicated to reach as many people than in the past. Sometimes social media is our only presentation. When I feel a little creative block, I find it very helpful to go look at other art and get inspired.”

“I love other artists like Amy McCullough and Adrian Macho, and there are so many more! I think it’s quite difficult to develop your own style these days because we are all influenced by the artists we like or follow. However, my goal, in general, is to like to draw and not think about what people will or won’t like.”

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