Fierce Viking Hairstyles For Modern Day Valkyries

Fierce Viking Hairstyles For Modern Day Valkyries

Vikings are truly history’s badasses – the wolf fur wearing, Sleipnir-taming conquerors that have left their incredible mark all over the world. And though one might think of them as mountain-sized savages, the truth is that Vikings cared about their appearances as much as they cared about Odin. Not only they were known for their love for sauna and general cleanliness, but also their red or blond meticulously well-kept manes, that have led the Viking men to be regarded as wife-stealers and maid charmers.

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Based on many archaeological finds, such as ornate hair combs and figurines depicting both Viking men and women with well-groomed hair and intricate braids, we can make a pretty accurate guess on how the Viking style would have looked. And this time, we’d like to acquaint you with fierce-looking Viking hairstyles. Though most of them seem to need the attention of a professional hairstylist, these hair braiding examples are perfectly doable at home. The only catch is that you need longer hair to express the Viking braids fully. Other than that, anyone can channel their inner Valkyrie with these hairstyle ideas.

Now, scroll down and check these luxurious Viking-hair-inspired styles and be ready to charm your way in conquering lands and enslaving the hearts of pretty maidens and handsome lads because these hairdos will transform you into a bewitching warrior in no time. Also, don’t forget to vote and comment on the ones that you liked the best!

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Just had to post this one to show off some of my new amazing accessories from @lykosleather ! As most of you probably know by now, I love braiding my hair both for reenactment events, photoshoots and everyday wear. I've wanted some of these leather hair-beads for ages now, and since Colin was in Norway this summer with his stall, I had to snag a bunch of them! They're such great accessories, and add so much detail to the overall look. And then there are my new amazing glass beads, all based on findings from Birka, Sweden. I decided to do an asymmetrical row this time, and adorn it with the lovely Valkyrie pendant that Colin gave me. Apparently asymmetrical bead-rows are more historically accurate, but I have to admit that I do love the symmetry a bit too much. But with these beads, it totally works! If you haven't checked out @lykosleather yet, you definitely should! #vikingwoman #vikingdress #aprondress #vikingreenactment #vikingclothes #vikingclothing #vikinggarb #oldnorse #norsewoman #vikingage #vikingbraids #vikinghair #vikinghairstyle

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