This Special Park In Ireland Is Filled With Statues That’ll Give You Nightmares – Design You Trust

This Special Park In Ireland Is Filled With Statues That’ll Give You Nightmares


Victoria’s Way is located near Roundwood, Ireland and was designed for practicing Eastern meditation techniques. Passers-by may find this strange, as the park is populated with huge, black granite sculptures that look like horrifying monsters.

Covering 22 acres, the park includes a series of dancing figures of Ganesh, Shiva, and other Hindu deities. It also includes more bizarre sculptures of a skeletal Buddha-like figure, an enormous disembodied finger, and a sculpture called “The Split Man” which shows a figure ripping itself in two, representing “the mental state of the dysfunctional human.”

Intended to represent the spiritual progression to enlightenment, this collection of 14 statues took 20 years to complete. A plaque dedicates the park to mathematician Alan Turing.


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