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Brightly Colored Murals Mesmerize with Their Hypnotic Abstract Patterns


Miami-based artist Douglas Hoekzema, also known as Hoxxoh, uses vibrant colors to create murals that seem to burst with energy. The abstract designs cover the sides of buildings and stadiums, mesmerizing passersby with their hypnotic patterns. Undulating waves and psychedelic circular shapes are clad in bright blues, lime greens, and sunny yellows to make them instantly catch your eye.


The complexity of Hoxxoh’s murals look as though they could be computer generated. Compositions have incredible, tiny details and precision that you wouldn’t expect on such a large scale. All of his designs, however, are drawn freehand.


The theme of time plays an important role in Hoxxoh’s paintings, and he sums up his underlying concept with the phrase, “Time Waits for No Man.” Although there’s a decorative aspect to these murals, their radiating shapes also symbolize gears and moving parts – similar to the inner workings of a clock. It’s a reminder that things are always looking forward and nothing lasts forever. And maybe, like the fluid lines of Hoxxoh’s paintings, we should try and go with the flow a little more often.

Via My Modern Metropolis

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