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Benny Harlem & His Daughter Jaxyn’s Long Natural Hair Has Broken The Internet


Benny Harlem and his daughter Jaxyn have ‘broken the internet’ with photos of their long lustrous afro hair. Benny is an artiste from New York City who loves to rock his hair in a high top fade, you can follow him on Instagram.

h/t: huffingtonpost, boredpanda

“I am beyond grateful of the role that God has given me in the lives of others and I take it very seriously. With my daughter especially, there is no greater bond. We share a very honest relationship and it means more to me every day to understand that she is looking to me for so much in her life that she has yet to live. I am excited to remain her anchor,” Benny told Huffington Post.

“My inspiration to share my very personal relationship with my princess on Instagram was my vision of life. I find the majority of my inspiration from children. I want to bring that feeling of family and fatherhood back to the forefront of the mind how we used to feel when we watched the Cosby Show or Julia. Social media had become the new nightly show so I want to put positivity on the mind of our fathers. We are the foundation behind the future,” he added.

Guided Guider. Guide Her.

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Cold Summer

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Peace Greets Me Wherever I Am. ?

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Mommy God & Daddy Created A Miracle. Never Not Grateful.

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The only way for me to protect her for LIFE is to Prepare her for LIFE. – I AM MY DAUGHTERS KEEPER.

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"Fathers be good to your daughters."-John Mayer

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