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Meet ‘Eye-Catching’ Twin Cats Iriss And Abyss

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to these beautiful twin cats, who have mismatched eyes. Named Iriss and Abyss, both sisters have a genetic condition called heterochrmomia, which produces a difference in colouration in both eyes due to a lack of melanin.

Pavel Kasianov, from Saint-Petersburg Russia, adopted the crossbred 10-month-old kittens after seeing an advert online. As well as their hypnotising eyes, the cats also have snow white fur adding to their unique look.

“When I found an ad on social media that two kittens were seeking a new home, I never imagined that I’d end up with two. But I looked through the pictures of kittens and saw two twins always together on the photos. And my heart melted”.

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