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Kathleen Ryan Sculptures Look Like Moldy Fruit But Are Actually Made Of Gemstones

Usually, when fruit goes bad, we simply throw it out without giving it too much though. New York-based artist Kathleen Ryan, however, decided to use moldy fruit as inspiration and created an incredible series of gemstone sculptures titled Bad Fruit.

At first glance, Kathleen’s sculptures look nothing more than rotten lemons and oranges waiting to go in the trash. However, as you look closer, you begin to realize they are made up of thousands of little gemstones placed onto a polystyrene base. At first, the artist paints the pattern onto the base and then begins placing the gemstones one by one. To create the sculptures, Kathleen uses opal, smoky quartz, malachite and all sorts of other precious and semi-precious gemstones.

More: Kathleen Ryan, Instagram h/t: demilked

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