Want to Take Your Pet Fish for a Walk? There’s a Bag for That!

A Japanese company is working on a quirky container-like bag for live fish, suitable both for pet owners wanting to take their favorite fish on walks, and fans of super-fresh sashimi…

Known as “katsugyo bag” this portable fish tank is shaped like a long tube with a transparent middle section, a handle and a gauge, which, if I had to guess, monitors the oxygen saturation of the water. It is being developed by “Ma Corporation”, and aims to become a more elegant, efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative to the old water-filled plastic bag.

More: Instagram h/t: odditycentral

The katsugyo bag is currently still in development, so if it looks like something you’d happily spend money on, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Its inventors are currently testing the device with a variety of edible fish and documenting each experiment on Instagram.

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