Pet Foolery’s “Pixie And Brutus” Comics To Brighten Up Your Day

Some folks are dog lovers, others are more fond of cats. But there are also plenty of us who adore doggos and cattos in equal measure. And we’re in luck because there’s a hilarious and cute webcomic out there that’s drawn by a talented artist who loves both cats and dogs alike.

Artist Ben Hed, the mastermind behind the webcomic ‘Pet Foolery,’ has drawn some more amazing cartoons, detailing the (mis)adventures of Pixie the innocent kitten and Brutus the German Shepherd war veteran.

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Please Read: If you are concerned about the recent lack of Pixie and Brutus comics here on my Instagram, please read the following: The reason I haven’t been posting any P and B lately is because for the last month I’ve been working at a bible camp. I knew ahead of time that while working at the camp I would have very little time, if any, to go home and draw comics. So, in preparation, I cached up a bunch of extra comics that I could easily post on the weekends. Normally I could come up with 2 P and B comics a week fairly easily, but during this pre-camp preparation period, I was drawing like 4-5 comics a week… I just couldn’t think up that many P and B comics in the short amount of time that I had… at least not GOOD ones. Most of the P and B comics I WAS able to come up with have been posted/ will be posted on my Patreon, as I have already promised my paying Patreon subscribers 4 exclusive P and B’s a month. All this being said, I am sorry about the Pixie and Brutus hiatus. I know that they are your favorite comics, and I apologize for this long P and B dry stretch. In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy these other comics that I have been/ will be posting. They aren’t P and B, but I think they are still well drawn and pretty funny. I will do my best to find time in the upcoming weekends to make some P and B to post here on Insta, but if not, I will be done working at the camp on August 15th; things should get back to normal after that. Sorry again. -Ben . . . #lion #africa #wildlife #dogs #cats #kitten #puppy #funny #lol #petlover #feline #pixieandbrutus

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