A $2 Million Porsche-Designed RV Has A Full Bedroom And Bathroom

Newell Coach has created the 2020 Newell Coach p50 1675, a $2 million home on wheels.

The company has been crafting motor homes for half a century, and the p50 was created to honor the company’s 50th anniversary. Newell also has a longstanding partnership with Porsche Design, which collaborated with Newell on the body style of the motor home.

More: Newell h/t: businessinsider

The RV seller makes its own body and chassis for the home, and each vehicle is built to order, allowing the interior and layout to be completely customizable.

The vehicle is “custom-designed and custom-engineered for the customer,” Karl Blade, the president of Newell Coach, said in a statement.

The maker said there was a focus on “intuitive controls and consistent performance” throughout the home, which is made of “luxurious materials.” Newell builds are typically 45 feet long, weigh 60,000 pounds, and are 600 square feet, according to the company.

Most of its customers are self-made entrepreneurs that have experience with RVs, according to Newell.

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