The Proliferation Of Nostalgia-Inducing LEGO Sets Indicates That They’re Far More Than Just A Child’s Toy – Design You Trust

The Proliferation Of Nostalgia-Inducing LEGO Sets Indicates That They’re Far More Than Just A Child’s Toy

LEGO FORMA is a premium LEGO experience designed for adults looking for a fun, engaging way to reconnect with their creative side. LEGO FORMA mechanical models are cleverly designed but simple to assemble. Sturdy rods and parts combine with customizable skins to create a joyful creative challenge. Taking design cues from nature, LEGO FORMA incorporates life-like movement, colors, and patterns. The result is an elegant conversation piece that’s a tasteful addition to any room.

The beauty of nature. The simple pleasure of building. A thoughtful creative challenge. These are at the core of LEGO FORMA, a premium LEGO experience for adults looking for a simple, fun way to disconnect from their screens and reconnect with their creative side. LEGO FORMA models feature beautiful, customizable skins that allow for personal expression. Choose from the Koi Skin, Shark Skin, Splash Koi Skin, or decorate your own with the Ink Koi Skin.

Two hundred and ninety four elements come together to form a dynamic model. A clever gear system generates life-like movement that’s as satisfying to put together as it is to see. The sum is a thoughtful creative challenge that’s relaxing yet creatively stimulating.

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