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This Artist “Paints” An Extraordinary 3D Portraits In Virtual Reality

Artist-painter Anna Zhilyaeva, tells us how the new medium of Virtual Reality in the field of sculpting and painting gives the possibility of infinite ways to express creativity on a three dimensional canvas, while still interacting with and keeping the observers deeply engrossed.

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Anna combines her traditional artistic skills of painting and sculpting with computer graphics using softwares like Tilt-brush, Masterpiece and Anim VR to create a three-dimensional dynamic piece of art, which she calls ‘a painted sculpture’.

Different coloured virtual strokes create a painting, reminiscent of the impressionist style of oil paintings, revealing its hidden characteristics when viewed from different angles. Anna terms this as ‘Volumionism’.

In the present times, Anna says that design isn’t defined by form but by its creator and can be found in all walks of life. Nature was, is and will always be the most fabulous designer and the biggest inspiration.

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