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Japanese Artist’s Puzzling “Spot the Killer” Murder Mystery Has Net Baffled

Japanese illustrator Shida has a talent for dark and thought-provoking artwork that has just enough detail combined with an air of mystery that invites you to fill in the blanks by imagining a story to go along with it. That’s probably a big reason why Shida has been able to befuddle so many with a simple question accompanying a murder-mystery themed illustration: “Who killed that girl with the red hair?”

Morte: Twitter h/t: grapee

The “who dunnit” murder mystery is being dissected in Twitter replies, with many analyzing the piece for clues, red herrings, and trying to decipher a story, as well as friendships and possible grudges between the girls (Shida clarifies that everyone in the picture is a girl).

Shoes, blood, a stray strand of red hair on a girl (intentionally placed by another girl or legitimately stuck on in an altercation?), a ring, as well as the way each girl is responding all have people in the replies coming to different conclusions, with many zooming in on perceived hints.

After receiving an influx of theories and guesses, Shida replied that there is nothing more boring than a mystery where the truth is absolutely clear, and would draw a continuation in which they thought people could pinpoint the culprit. So Shida provided an alternate angle from the victim’s point of view (or, behind the victim, rather) which reveals a few more clues.

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