Stunning 360° Portraits by Gianluca Traina

Gianluca Traina is an Italian artist and designer based in Palermo – created three-dimensional portraits. The result is a colorful sculpture of paper or canvas intertwined. Anonymous identities. It is an abnormality of mind. Portraits are a 360° of contemporary people.

According to an artist: “Attracted by the beauty of the fabric construction and starting from the concept of warp and weft, I developed a system of representation of the image curious and innovative.”

“I started to investigate the ways in which a sheet of paper can change according to the type of cutting and bending, and I identified in the system of weaving an alternative way for the realization of three-dimensional shapes.”

“The idea is not to create three-dimensional objects based on body shape, but to transform a two dimensional surface such as paper, in three-dimensional object adapted to body contours. I used these two-dimensional surfaces as pictorial space and through an elaborate system of scanning the image I created portraits.”

“The result is a sculpture of colored paper twisted. They are portraits of views. They are people. Identity anonymous. And ‘an abnormality of thought. They are portraits of contemporary people to 360°”


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