Russian Design Agency Developed Creative Package With A Funny Blue Cat Walking Between Milk Packs

Milk products remain more than 22% of russian FMCG market but dairy branding has stuck in recent years. Competition is high and it’s hard to stand out on the shelf. Brand Milgrad by Bryansk Dairy Factory is known as the first trade mark which brings happiness. Marketing team came up with the idea to think of how the product can pierce the consumer’s heart. We decided to create something really cute and kind.

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The blue cat travels across the packaging of different dairy products. It stares with interest, plays with a string, spies and skips a beat with expectation. The illustration starts from one side of the packaging and continues on the other, so it’s possible to interact with it straight from the supermarket’s shelf layout. Although Brunhilda kitty was the main muse for our art director, Vera Zvereva, every cat’s lover can recognize the creature’s ways through the illustration story.

We started our work by redesigning the main products in the dairy category. It was highly important to stay in commonly expected color-coding: white for milk, green for kefir and light brown for buttermilk. We came up with a minimalistic idea to fill the background with solid white color and differentiate the foodstuffs by changing the font color. Milk as a main product remained pure white with only blue. The cute ambassador appears on every product also in the same blue shade. We have tailored the style to the whole range of Milgrad dairy products. So you can find the blue cat on sour cream, cottage cheese, custard desserts, butter, curd-cheese and brine-ripened cheese.

We have developed a new successive logo for Milgrad but in a more lighter and moderner way. M is for milk. M is for Milgrad as well. M looks like kitty’s muzzle. Letter M and cats are known fixtures in branding, but we succeeded in distinctiveness by their combination, color and meaning.

The design gets along well enough in digital as well. Milgrad brand has it’s account in instagram. New designed products are on sale all over the whole Russia since august 2020. The Milgrad cat became popular in japanese twitter, international behance, russian TikTok and it even turned into a meme at and just in several days after release.

Depot is an independent, international branding agency. We provide a wide range of branding services and are one of the leading companies in the Russian market. For 22 years we have been contributing towards growth in Russia’s branding industry, which has become a fully-fledged sector of the economy, and we are extremely proud of the role we have played in this progression.

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