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Artist Creates Sensual Portraits Characterised By The Female Presence Of Empowering Women

As we all know, art has always been one of the centre humankind’s interpretations of emotions and perceptions, it keeps us alive and recently, new studies discovered that being creative keeps our well being steady. Between a way of contemplation and a measure of opposition towards social rejections and stereotypes, art is unmistakably a daily inspiration for every single soul.

Nowadays, art is innovative, relates stories of changes and open minds to new possibilities. Throughout eccentric, straightforward and unconventional images, artists aim to convey direct messages to viewers, to diminish what society inflicts us as incorrect and unacceptable. Some artists alternatively, send a message of empowerment with a gentle and a pure taste, implementing peaceful and melodic approaches.

Habiba Green indeed creates realistic portraits, characterised by the female presence of empowering women. Her minimalistic style is designated by fine lines and a three-coloured chromatic scale, mostly using watercolours, markers, oil painting, pencils and digital tools. She also organises commemorative events related to feminism, gender identity and body positivity, like: What do you see?, 2016 in London and SHE 2018 in Barcelona. Her work is full of emotions and focused on film, music and literature, it also has been shown in several publications and brands such as Sony Music, Chanel and Smirnoff.

Below you can view her illuminating, delicate and elegant artworks, where you will plunge yourself into the gentle female world…

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