Blue Haze: Beautiful Desert Photographs By Mariyan Atanasov

“The project Blue Haze is from the Sahara desert and more specifically Merzouga, Morocco. I couldn’t have a chance to travel abroad this year because of the COVID and the idea of this project was born while I was checking my photo archive – those pictures are from my trip to that destination 2 years ago,” Mariyan says.

More: Instagram, Flickr, Behance h/t: 121clicks

“I spent a couple of days in that part of the country and despite that, I didn’t take a lot of photos there, therefore I decided to create some small case study about it. My first idea was to present it in a more natural way, but in post-processing, I just started to play more with the colour channels and I liked what I got as good colour combinations so I decided that it is more interesting to represent it in a non-standard way. At the end this is the result.”

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