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Minimalistic Illustrations That Tackle Mental Health By “Worry Lines”

Beautiful minimalism. Relatable hopes, dreams, fears, and worries. And a unique way to visualize mental health. At the intersection of all these things are the wonderfully pure illustrations by Worry Lines. Through her simple but pleasing drawings, the artist also engages topics like self-care and relationships.

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“I often draw a little character that doesn’t have much of a neck. I like working with visual puns, idioms, and comic metaphors,” the artist talks about her work.

She jokes that her favorite emoji is the clown followed by the bottomless pit and reveals that she isn’t a trained artist. However, she has the discipline of a real professional because she shares a new drawing every single day on her Instagram. She uses the one-drawing-a-day rule to motivate herself and to invest in herself.

Since she started her art project, Worry Lines has not only started up a store for merch featuring her illustrations, she also launched a Patreon account where her fans can support her directly.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Worry Lines opened up about her art and how she feels about the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This project started as an exercise in anti-perfectionism. I’ve always struggled with being a perfectionist, and I wanted to force myself to put something creative out into the world every day, no matter if it was ‘good’ or not,” she shared her philosophy. And I think the idea of creating something no matter its quality is great advice for a lot of us (I for one, can relate).

The artist told Vogue that she’s glad that there is a growing trend of people curating their social media feeds and improving their mental health by choosing silly, honest, and uplifting content instead of constant news about the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Worry Lines is very happy with the community that she’s grown. She’s especially proud that her art helps comfort and encourage people. And she enjoys using her drawings to unite people who have anxieties about life. And that, at the end of the day, is the beauty of Worry Lines: her illustrations unite us in our imperfections instead of dividing us.

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